Excellent Cheat codes for Slime Rancher 2

Cheat codes for Slime Rancher 2

Slime rancher is a video game with a real-life simulation effect, specifically for Xbox and PC, designed and launched by American Indie Studio Monomi Park. Slime Rancher is the predecessor to Slime Rancher 2.
In this article, we will compile some best cheat codes and ways to apply in Slime Rancher to make some in-game features easily accessible. Let’s get started with the cheat list.

Slime Rancher 2 Cheat codes list

Here we will guide you through some cheat codes and, How to unlock codes for slime rancher 2 with the cheat list we will provide. This cheat list is applicable for the PC and Xbox X series.

Money Cheats Slime Rancher 2

Here are some cheat codes that will help you to set up your ground initially to make money faster. These codes will save you hours of work, helping you earn easily. Follow the guidelines to revamp your ground base layout.
00:00: Build 2 fruits, a vegie, a bunny, a chicken pan, a cat, and a basement full of hybrids.
06:33 Phosphorus slime filled basement, apply cat plorts, make two types of plorts per fruit.
18:12 Where to find tar monsters
08:30 Upgrade your suit storage capacity.
12:42 General map tips, smash jars, collect schematics
17:46 To find schematics
Try generating new bucks by the following.
A building or creating high coral walls after the tutorial section would help.
Catching carrots with pink and cotton slimes and dumping them in their closure to receive plorts.
Sleeping until morning in a hut increases prices for cotton and pink plorts before selling them.
The 250 new bucks rewards from the first run will escalate as you run down the route again to buy a pink corral walled enclosure.

Ways to unlock Ember Valley and Starlight Strand

Reach the rainbow fields in ember valley and feed 30 different items to cotton Gordo or 15 water lettuces to reveal an entrance to the cave. Go inside, preferably at night, and interact with the pedestal to start a light show and follow the light to unlock a teleporter to the starlight stand island. To access Ember Valley, go to the left edge of rainbow fields having a triple slime stone. Enter the cave to the left of the stone statue, and follow the sand road. Walk to the top of the map and feed Pink Gordo 30 different items to reveal the geyser. Take the water from the geyser to the left side cliff. Interact with the pedestal and unlock the Ember Valley.

Slime Rancher 2 Handy Tricks

Here are some tips that could be of help for creature-collecting simulator games. So, here is the list for starters.
00:26 Map data points
00:51 First things to build
00:37 Early fast money
01:21 Watch out for tar slimes
01:04 Build high walls
01:47 Disable tar slimes
We have compiled the best tricks and tips that could prove handy, enjoy these and play Slime Rancher 2 on your PC and Xbox X series. If you know any good tricks for Slime Rancher 2, put them in the comment section and let us know which game cheat codes, tricks, and tips you need next. Follow DonGamers Studio blogs for more.

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